Chaser is hostage in front of player

  • #1, by TinTinSunday, 05. March 2017, 14:24 8 years ago

    In one part of my game , Player aimed pistol for a person as hostage . Player have to walk and cahser (hostage) must follow it only in front of player (hands up too).

    Sorry I'm absolute beginner in Lua. Is it possible ?

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  • #2, by afrlmeSunday, 05. March 2017, 14:44 8 years ago
    You could change active player to the other one? Or add both animations into the same animation in your image/animation editing application. But yeah, you could probably use Lua to make sure destination position is same as active characters with an offset based on current player direction, but I think it won't turn out too great.

    I think the best solution would probably be to make it as a cut-scene.


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  • #3, by TinTinSunday, 05. March 2017, 15:27 8 years ago
    Thanks so much . Change player is nice tricky .Also add both animation is good idea.I'll try both ways.  If result wasn't good I use cut scene for it as you mention.

    I'll change this topic to [Solved] if I get success.

    Thanks again

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