chased by flies...

  • #1, by latoxineThursday, 28. August 2014, 17:34 10 years ago

    1)I managed to use the chase by character action, by direct actions on items, by It doesn't work when I try to use the action link possibility.( the one above range )
    I want my character to be chased by an other character, after taking an item on the ground for example ( it work when I set it on the ''take action'' of the item directly.)

    This is what I do :

    -Character>called by other action>command and item empty>Current character is chased by "x" ( who is a porn actress ;-)
    -range I tried from 20 to 300 ( the item is near to the character )
    -Still in character, In the chased action choice, I choose 'Look' executed from the same scene ( action on an objet present on the scene ) and nothing happend.
    - I try the Item 'Take' executed, nothing more...

    So where am I doing something wrong please? Or if the action doesn't do what I think what is the purpose of this Action field? ( I've red the wiki, but...)

    2) Is it possible to be followed on each scene before stop it? Or you have to set it for each scene? ( I want to be followed by flies...Or no...By a sweet pink cloud )
    Thank you.


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