Charakter Centering and free scrolling

  • #1, by ren-schneeWednesday, 16. October 2019, 22:00 5 years ago
    Is it possible to not center the char and explore (scroll) the scene freely, focus back to the char if he is executing an action like "display text" back to center and clear the centering again?


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  • #2, by afrlmeThursday, 17. October 2019, 03:27 5 years ago
    Aye, there's an action part called "center camera on character permanently".  Set to "current character" & tick the "clear centering" box to stop the camera automatically trying to center on the playable character. You can reenable centering with the same action part, but leave the "clear centering" box unchecked.

    Alternatively with Lua script & the custom action part event handler/listener you could create an automated system, but I'm not going to explain how to do that as it's about 3:30 am & it's somewhat complicated & involves a fair bit of work.


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  • #3, by ren-schneeThursday, 17. October 2019, 22:55 5 years ago
    Is it possible to do that in actions only? I've searched the whole forum, but coudlt find anything. I found the commend before i wrote this post and tried over an hour to get it running, but it seems like i'm lost. There isn't much in the documentations that provides a bit more indepth stuff for newcomers (or i may be just a dumbhead).

    I've got my actionpart's orderd like this:

    "At beginning of scene"
    -Center Camera on Char perm > unchecked
    "Called by another action"
    -Center Camera on Char perm > checked

    Tried to find out what "another action" could be, could't find an answer.


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  • #4, by esmeraldaFriday, 18. October 2019, 11:14 5 years ago
    Tried to find out what "another action" could be, could't find an answer.
    That's done by the action part "call action [example]".

    Wherever you want to trigger the "called by another action"-action (you can give it a name of your own) execute this action part.

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