Character's side portrait?

  • #1, by labarodd-linsFriday, 01. December 2017, 20:08 6 years ago
    Hello everyone!
    I was honestly looking for this theme everywhere in the forum, but I didn't find anything.
    My game is a first person mix between visual novel and point'n'click. I used another engine earlier, but changed it right after I found Visionaire Studio, so I'm a very newbie here. I hope someone will help me!

    1 question: 
    Despite game is first-person, I want to make side icon for the main character. It's not animated, but I have a pack of his emotions, that depends of what he say. The question is how to create such character, how to add all his emotions, how to change it during the text.

    2 question:
    How to show character's name above the textbox?

    3 question: 
    Is it possible to make text appearing letter by letter with that special bleep sound, like in Phoenix Wright? 
    Here is an example: 

    I will definitely ask for more help in the future - VS is incredibly comfortable and simple, though some moments confuse me. But I'll be grateful if someone will help me to solve that "problems", I described above.


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  • #2, by afrlmeFriday, 01. December 2017, 20:34 6 years ago
    1. Yes it's possible. I actually did a bit of freelance work for another dev a while back that is also working on a first person myst-like interactive graphic novel fusion called Minotaur.

    I'm not going to explain how I sorted out the graphics/animations to dynamically change with the text as it involved a mix of Lua tables to store a bunch of data, some Lua script functions & action parts & looping action blocks. As you can probably tell, it's not something I can explain in a few sentences.

    2. You can use the setTextPosition hook function for forcing the position of display texts, you can use the textStarted event handler for showing a dialog bounding box & for checking the name of the character the text belongs to. You could store that name inside of a value then display that at a specific position on the dialog bounding box with a display object text that has the value linked inside of it.

    Anyway, not going to go into detail, but check out this link & this link for more information on event handlers & hook functions.

    3. Yes it's technically possible to create the type writer text effect like in the Phoenix Wright games, but you may want to wait until Simon has implemented the text effect system he's working on as I believe it will include a method for creating that effect much simpler than my scripting & action part combination method.


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  • #3, by ozzie-daveFriday, 01. December 2017, 20:46 6 years ago
    Sorry I cannot add anything to the subject, but just wanted to say Von Labarodd what a terrific Visual Novel, very nice graphics, great Scripting.

    Well Done


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  • #4, by afrlmeFriday, 01. December 2017, 21:17 6 years ago
    Sorry I cannot add anything to the subject, but just wanted to say Von Labarodd what a terrific Visual Novel, very nice graphics, great Scripting.

    Well Done
    I'm confused? Are you taking the mick mate? The video he linked is from what I can tell a mac console output log with sounds & voice over/text from one of the Phoenix Wright game series.

    The video I linked is for an upcoming game by Universe of Seven (uof7) called Minotaur that's being developed by a small collective group of people from around the world (as far as I understand it). They create other stuff too. -- their website doesn't seem to want to load up right now though.


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