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  • #1, by darren-beckettFriday, 23. July, 16:20 2 months ago
    I've just updated to VS 5.1.6 (Build 1218) and all character walk  animations move accross the screen very slowly.

    All my characters are similar settings with Non-sliding walk animation, a walking speed of 30 and animation pauses of 40ms. 

    Has there been some changes over the past 18 months to the character walk/speed settings?

    If i increase the walking speed from 30 to 750 and running from 60 to 1500 that seems about right, but only if the character is walking left. When walking right, the character is slow again.

    This cannot be correct. It must be a bug right?

    Note: This all used to be fine for 15 characters with multiple outfits and 300+ walk animations.

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