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  • #1, by marchardWednesday, 17. November 2021, 19:05 6 months ago

    Every now and then I have the problem that my character gets stuck. I have checked them all countless times, the walkable area is closed, there are no errors, everything is correct. Nevertheless, it happens in some scenes that the character suddenly gets stuck at the edge of a walkable area. I can't reproduce it. It happens rarely, but it does happen.

    I should also mention that I have two walking speeds. A normal walking speed with the normal walking animation and a running speed with a running animation. If you click normally with the left mouse button, the character goes there normally, if you double-click with the left mouse button, my character runs there. Could this be a reason for the stuck bug?
    Can the size of the scene have an influence? I have scenes with up to 100 waypoints that are all set correctly.

    Has anyone had this stuck bug before? If so, how can it be solved?

    Any help or suggestions are welcome.


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  • #2, by afrlmeWednesday, 17. November 2021, 19:10 6 months ago
    It might help narrow down the issue if you could provide some screenshots of the way systems for the scenes where this occurs.


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  • #3, by marchardWednesday, 17. November 2021, 19:51 6 months ago
    The scene is 6700 pixels wide. On stuck_bug_02.png you can see an overview of the whole walkable area. Stuck_bug_01.png shows a detailed section with the marked area where the character can get stuck. Unfortunately not reproducible.


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