Character speed above 1000?

  • #1, by matthias-kleinTuesday, 12. October, 12:04 A week ago
    Hi there.

    Is there any possible way to increase the character speed to above 1000?



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  • #2, by esmeraldaTuesday, 12. October, 13:47 A week ago
    Are you using an older version of Visionaire? I just set the speed to 5000 in the Outfits properties to test this and it worked...
    Ah - the action part to change the speed does not accept values above 1000, it seems.

    Another way would be using Lua:
    Outfits["outfit_name"].CharacterSpeed = 5000

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  • #3, by matthias-kleinTuesday, 12. October, 14:36 A week ago
    You saved my day - thank you very much !


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