Character rotation?

  • #1, by tristan-kangThursday, 14. January 2016, 21:55 8 years ago
    Is there any way to rotate the character?

    I've seen object rotation script (and I'm using it) but I hope there is character rotation as well.

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  • #2, by sebastianThursday, 14. January 2016, 22:18 8 years ago
    Align character action part?
    Or do you mean turn him upside down?

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  • #3, by tristan-kangThursday, 14. January 2016, 22:34 8 years ago
    Second one. 360 degree.

    Of course I know how to align the character.

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  • #4, by afrlmeThursday, 14. January 2016, 23:14 8 years ago
    Not to my knowledge. The only way to do that in the current build would be to use 3D character models & adjust the camera settings belong to the character with Lua script. I believe it would work, but it's only theoretical on my part as I haven't had the need to look into the 3D character system as of yet.

    Alternative option, if you weren't planning on having the character move from the spot / walk, would be to temporarily swap out the character with an object containing some of the character animations & then use Lua script to rotate the object version. If it was an animation then you would also be able to move the animation position too.


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  • #5, by tristan-kangFriday, 15. January 2016, 02:35 8 years ago
    I've been thinking change the character into the object and it seems like only way to do.

    If it was an animation then you would also be able to move the animation position too.

    Actually I don't need to move animation position. I've tried a lot of thing and that object rotation script also rotates object animation if it was default animation.

    However, it'd be wonderful I can rotate the character with the script as well. And I thought there is a secret script that's been developing in shadow. lol

    Well... I hope new build can do many things.

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  • #6, by joemidMonday, 18. January 2016, 19:15 8 years ago
    Hi! What about rotating the the entire scene with a negative value in the zoom shader? i.e. shaderFollowCharacter("", -1, 1000, easeBackOut) -- follow current character at -1x zoom over 1s per movement. Maybe combined with the rotate shader? And/or a simultaneous rotation of objects? Might be crazy!


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  • #7, by tristan-kangMonday, 18. January 2016, 21:56 8 years ago
    Well... I only want to rotate the character, not whole scene. Besides, the motion sickness incoming if I rotate the whole scene. smile

    Yeah, crazy idea.

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