Character Gets Out of Bounds

  • #1, by nate-ingraciaThursday, 27. October, 03:01 A month ago
    So I've recently noticed a bug in my game where if I click a very particular place, the character ends up moving past the way borders I have set up and out into the background. Is there a way I can prevent this?

    Interesting side note, I had this happen one time when I was playing the Night of the Rabbit, and got out of bounds in the magician's house. Is this just something that Visionaire is prone to do?


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  • #2, by afrlmeThursday, 27. October, 12:51 A month ago
    It's possible if you click super fast &/or you have 2 way point lines too close together or crossing over each other or you have a cutout section that's too close to the edge of the main way system border.

    Also check the log after it happens (make sure log level is set to "info" in the editor options) & see if it prints anything to it - might say something like illegal polygon or something like that as it could just be a weird shape or a loose way border node, etc. Sometimes redrawing polygons might be required - same goes with any object polygons that mention there's something wrong with them.


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