Character cannot walk east.

  • #1, by nicholas-chanFriday, 02. April, 01:20 8 months ago
    Hi there,

    My character is having a strange issue. I just updated my visionaire and now my character can't walk east, but can walk in every other direction. To clarify, the animation is running, but they are walking on the spot, but only when they are walking east. What could this be?



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  • #2, by esmeraldaMonday, 12. April, 08:39 8 months ago
    Are you using the non-sliding animation? Maybe you changed the settings of it during the last update when parts of this were broken and now need to set it again?

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  • #3, by nicholas-chanMonday, 26. April, 05:09 7 months ago
    I am using non-sliding animation. I've increased the walking speed so now all the other directions are moving, but the east doesn't move at all. Is there a new patch coming out soon to fix this?


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  • #4, by SimonSMonday, 26. April, 08:52 7 months ago
    You probably need to clear the walking settings for this direction, click on the footsteps and use the X on the right.

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