Changing a Snoop Animation

  • #1, by marvelFriday, 06. December 2013, 18:32 11 years ago
    I can define a snoop animation for each object of a scenery. But what if i want to change the animation?

    Is it possible to replace it via Lua? smile How?

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  • #2, by afrlmeFriday, 06. December 2013, 19:07 11 years ago
    hmm you could create/clone objects over the same spot & switch between them as needed?

    or you could even create your own hotspot objects on each scene which you could have show up based on a condition or value?

    or you could force the animations frames with Lua by setting which is first & last frame of an animation.

    there are 2 entries in the data structure "ObjectSnoopAnimation" & "ObjectSnoopAnimationPos" but according to the data structure page, they are both non-scriptable.


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