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  • #1, by lukasTuesday, 14. April 2020, 11:37 A year ago
    I'd like to offer an option in my game's menu to change the font size between small and large. So far, most things works - The characters' fonts change to smaller and bigger versions, and I was able to change the size of the dialog area thanks to a recent thread ( to make room for bigger sized dialog options.
    However, being not (at all) practised in using scripts I can't manage to find the correct lines for manipulating three things:

    - the font used for the action text adjacent to the cursor
    - the font used for the dialog options (active and inactive)
    - the position of the scroll arrows (active and inactive) for the dialog options

    I can't be the first to wonder how this could work, but can't find anything on the wiki (the article on data structure wasn't a big help as I don't yet understand the syntax) or by using the search function, so if someone could point me in the right direction, it'd be much appreciated. :-)


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  • #2, by esmeraldaTuesday, 14. April 2020, 18:42 A year ago
    You can change the size of your font with lua.
    Execute a script
       Fonts["name of the font"].Size = 24    (or any size you want it to be)

    Regarding scripting - Did you take a look at the luadocs?

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