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  • #1, by lukasTuesday, 14. April 2020, 11:37 4 years ago
    I'd like to offer an option in my game's menu to change the font size between small and large. So far, most things works - The characters' fonts change to smaller and bigger versions, and I was able to change the size of the dialog area thanks to a recent thread ( to make room for bigger sized dialog options.
    However, being not (at all) practised in using scripts I can't manage to find the correct lines for manipulating three things:

    - the font used for the action text adjacent to the cursor
    - the font used for the dialog options (active and inactive)
    - the position of the scroll arrows (active and inactive) for the dialog options

    I can't be the first to wonder how this could work, but can't find anything on the wiki (the article on data structure wasn't a big help as I don't yet understand the syntax) or by using the search function, so if someone could point me in the right direction, it'd be much appreciated. :-)


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  • #2, by esmeraldaTuesday, 14. April 2020, 18:42 4 years ago
    You can change the size of your font with lua.
    Execute a script
       Fonts["name of the font"].Size = 24    (or any size you want it to be)

    Regarding scripting - Did you take a look at the luadocs?

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  • #3, by williamharrell1Tuesday, 07. September 2021, 15:55 2 years ago
    The font is vital for every article/project because it dictates the flow and how something looks as a whole. The point size, line spacing, and even the color are all influenced by this font. When it comes to web design, the Verdana font does not just directly impact an element's appearance. Still, it can also influence the way readers perceive it. I would advise you to use the smash bros font . It is the best one for me and also is for free. On that platform, you will find a lot of free fonts that you can use.


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