Change a condition after a failed execution?

  • #1, by dionousSaturday, 15. July 2017, 22:02 4 years ago
    Hello all,

    Would it be possible to set some action to take place after a failed execution? By failed execution i mean when you try to use an inv item with a scene object with no results. 

    What i want to achieve is the following: when a character is holding an inv item i have set a condition 'holding item' to be true and when he drops it this condition goes back to false (this assists me in some gameplay features). However i cannot set this to go back to false when there is a failed execution (VS simply unsets the item and that's it) so i am looking for a way to change the condition after the failed execution takes place.

    Any feedback is welcome!

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  • #2, by afrlmeSaturday, 15. July 2017, 22:44 4 years ago
    I believe that's what the comments set bit is for in the characters tab. I don't remember if you can add custom action parts to it or only have character display a text. Bloody memory. Only thing I can tell you is that for the ALLD demo, we (being me) decided to create a custom system for handling failed executions. It involved lots of called by action blocks & various Lua functions as far as I can remember.


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  • #3, by dionousSunday, 16. July 2017, 17:32 4 years ago
    Thanks for the feedback, yeap i think it's not possible to do this atm with VS, it would be a good idea to add a feature where you could attach default actions after failed executions.

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