Can't register Visionaire Studio 5

  • #1, by jordan-olomanSaturday, 11. August 2018, 21:36 6 years ago
    Hey folks.

    I bought Vis 4 a while back, all working fine. Decided to come back to it and downloaded the new Vis 5 to do some tutorials and get started on a project.

    However, I can't actually register on 5. It works on 4 but not 5 for some reason (i checked)

    The problem seems to stem from me hovering over the register button and it not reacting to my cursor. I can't click it :/ even when I put in my code.

    The same combo works in 4 so I don't think its my code or anything.

    Let me know if this can be fixed!



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  • #2, by sebastianSaturday, 11. August 2018, 22:56 6 years ago
    Hi Jordan,

    are you talking about the website ir in the engine where you enter the key ? 

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  • #3, by afrlmeSaturday, 11. August 2018, 22:58 6 years ago
    You mean in the application itself? You shouldn't need to. Just download it from here again & it should already be the full version after inputting your name & key.


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