Can we use the keyboard for the character movements?

  • #1, by AkcayKaraazmakWednesday, 30. September 2015, 13:15 9 years ago
    Hi guys,

    Can we use the keyboard (W-A-S-D) for the character movements? . I saw one script on forum but it doesnt work.


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  • #2, by afrlmeWednesday, 30. September 2015, 13:31 9 years ago
    Yes it's possible (to a degree) but it's not so simple. Technically we have basic controller support since the last build, but it's very buggy at the minute. Hopefully once the devs have implemented that properly, we will also be able to use arrow keys or wasd for movement correctly too, by calling the gamepad functions via Lua script.

    The current method for using arrow keys or wasd involves making sure you create plenty of path points inside of the way system for each scene. Then you have to specify on key down that character destination should be the furthest pixel towards x direction. Example: destination for W would be 0 & destination for A would also be 0 as 0, 0 is the initial pixel coordinate for the top & left hand side of your scene backgrounds. S & D would be the height & width of your scenes. There's no guarantee that this will work correctly though as VS seems to follow the way points a lot more strictly than 3.7.1.


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  • #3, by AkcayKaraazmakWednesday, 30. September 2015, 16:03 9 years ago
    Thank you Lee. Ovv so its better to wait a release which gonna have the keyboard move system.

    By the way have you download and try the mac demo?

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  • #4, by afrlmeWednesday, 30. September 2015, 16:10 9 years ago
    Cheers, will download later. On my windows laptop right now.

    Yeah I believe it would be better to wait until the devs have finished integrating the controller support as it should be a simple enough step to be able to use the same functions / code for controlling characters with the keyboard. I have no idea if it will be sorted for next build or whether they are waiting on an update of SDL2 lib before working on it some more.


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  • #5, by tristan-kangWednesday, 30. September 2015, 18:49 9 years ago
    I have some serious facts regarding keyboard movements problem (not only for keyboard movements).

    I used to handle RPG Maker VX Ace. Yeah, this game engine is pretty neat and also really useful for the person who didn't know anything about developing games, script, etc.

    Although the title of engine is 'RPG Maker', but you can make various adventure game with this engine such as 'Dreaming Mary' and most famous one for current news is probably LISA series. Yes, LISA is RPG game but... you can adventure it. Just saying.

    Yeah, mostly it is side scroll adventure games but there are also top view adventure games. You can just make games without RPG element if you want.

    The only problem for this engine is lack of support for high resolution and lack of mouse device support (you can do it by script someone made but not stable as Visionare Studio) and lack of export option to other platforms.

    Now the problem is it's next build named RPG MAKER MV will be emerged on this Winter.

    It supports Mouse control (it means it can also fully support keyboard control already) and support multi platform exportation such as Mac and Linux export (of course ios and apk and even for HTML!) and high resolution up to 1920 x 1080 (not verified yet but I found this one from forum.
    Q: Can you go higher than the stated 816x624 resolution?
    A: Higher Definition and Resolution is supported through plug-ins. A resolution of 1920x1080 has been tested.)

    This engine also handles global sound system already if you don't know. Yes, without script.

    RPG MAKER VX Ace can be bought in Steam and MV will be released on Steam as well although still Visionaire Studio doesn't have its own section. And RPG Maker has some histories and really has bigger forum than Visionaire Studio.

    Now there are people who want to make adventure games. Which one they will select? The game engine has everything or has lack of things?

    I'll mention it again. It will have mouse support. Point and Click games made by this engine will be emerged.

    Gladly it's more expensive than Visionaire Studio (Indie Developer version). But it doesn't vary the licenses.

    Visionaire Studio should survive from its challenge, seriously. I handled RPG Maker but it doesn't support making interface and complicated inventory system that VS has (it can be supported by using someone's script but I should pay them individually). VS is still better than RPG Maker VX Ace to make adventure games (with higher resolution I really like it) yet but the devs should do some magic before MV will... you know what I'm talking.

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  • #6, by afrlmeWednesday, 30. September 2015, 19:13 9 years ago
    I used to use RM2K3 back in the day. Long time ago now. wink

    VS actually has plans in motion for a large overhaul to the IDE & engine in general.

    Simon has been working on sorting out a new GUI from the ground up. I have no idea if / when it will be ready, but he's been making progress with it.

    As for the other stuff you mentioned... they will probably happen. The VS dev team currently consists of 3 people & they work on the engine part time - as & when they can, so things do take a while.

    I believe Simon also plans on overhauling the sound system by adding support for some basic runtime modulation & making it more accessible through action parts for non-scripters. Same goes for the shader stuff too.

    Game pad & true keyboard support should also happen at some point.

    P.S: why bother with RPG Maker when you could alternatively use Game Maker Studio or Construct 2? Both of them are probably better options than RPG Maker & you could create adventure games on them, even though they are more geared towards side / vertical scrolling platformers, shooters & puzzle games.


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  • #7, by tristan-kangWednesday, 30. September 2015, 19:30 9 years ago
    Well I really didn't know how to make games and RPG Maker was extraordinary famous in my country.

    After I finished the game I'm making with VS, then I'll use Construct 2 and make side scroll action game like Metal Slug with actual 'team'.

    I handled Game Maker once but it has all stuffs of alien language for beginner game developers. Gladly Construct 2 advertising itself for 'U don't need to know script!'.

    I actually don't like RPG Maker although it's famous. The reason can be... it's forum and it's... um... just not 'matured'. The game like 'Dark Inside Me' Akcay making cannot be publish with this game engine. Why? The admins banned mature stuffs. lol

    If you are related to developer of VS (I knew only small people working but 3 people... just.. interesting) and then you should spoil some information for next build in news section in main homepage or somewhere people will see.

    Changing game engine for me is good but it seems like I'm living in country side from 'big city where the schools are populated'.

    VS should be... a bit more popular and should be 'Listed' in Steam like Construct 2 does.

    It needs more marketing. To be honest you want to see more newcomers asking in forum don't you?

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  • #8, by afrlmeWednesday, 30. September 2015, 19:55 9 years ago
    The marketing & sales strategies are up to Thomas (Marvel). VS belongs to him, although he has nothing to do with the actual programming of the engine. He provides ideas, sorts out the licenses & gets the final say in what gets added to, removed from or replaced in the game engine.

    I myself am also not one of the developers. I provide English support via the forum when I have the time to do so. I also contribute to the wiki along with the rest of the devs - again when time allows. Besides that I mostly look into how I can push the boundaries of what is possible with VS through Lua scripting as well as coming up with multiple methods of achieving the same outcome.

    In regards to Construct 2: it looks like a nice little engine. Modern GUI. Tons of integrated action parts including ones for sound & shaders. However the engine is mostly geared towards mobile platforms, but it does claim that you can port for windows / mac with some kind of wrapping system.

    Game Maker Studio probably has the best support platform wise & help wise ( there's tons of tutorials on youtube by some guy named Shaun. ) & you don't actually need to learn GML to use Game Maker as it does have an action part system of which most things similar to VS can be achieved with. The only thing I didn't like about Game Maker was the asset system - so many bloody assets, but I did really like that you can create & destroy assets during runtime at will, which is something I would like to see implemented into VS.

    The biggest downfall to these engines (in regards to p+c adventure games) is that they aren't geared towards adventure games, so as far as I'm aware they don't come with a built in path or border system. You would probably have to create it yourself somehow as well as the scaling of the characters.

    In regards to spoilers about the engine: Alex doesn't really like us to report on them as there's no guarantees that a new feature or change will end up getting implemented into the final build, because sometimes they can't get them to work properly - if at all - or the new feature or replacement ends up messing something else up.

    The things I mentioned in my previous post are just possibilities that hopefully with look will be in a future build of VS. If, when is another matter entirely.

    P.S: rpg maker was pretty popular back in the day most places. It was generally easy to use. The company actually make another engine for side scrolling platformer games too, which is called IG Maker (indie game maker).


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  • #9, by tristan-kangWednesday, 30. September 2015, 20:19 9 years ago
    Yeah it seems like Construct 2 is for... mobile. But I hope they can have platform option like VITA. The time when I finished making my game then there will be Construct 3 or better game engine that has useful exportation options. I believe they will have after 2016.

    Asset systems sound like systems RPG Maker has and I just looked up it and it's just same things.

    Yeah, if VS has... well then creating borders like you mentioned will be really hard. It's easy to make game objects but just we need to put same picture we made. You know I barely drew game objects when I developed my game with RPG Maker... the basic assets so useful and then I'm drawing all bloody things myself with VS... But for originality this is right choice anyway.

    How about Unity? I've seen the adventure game made by Unity, named Cognition. It's full 3D. And Unity has a lot of purchasable assets too (which make some games look like same). Also Unity seems easier to handle than Game Maker. I'm just having dither by looking Game Maker's interface. It's not intuitive like VS.

    Never heard of IG Maker. And it seems like I cannot make mature content with this game engine... you know it would be categorised as one of RPG Maker and... I cannot publish the game which is naked woman is enemy and her womb is attack point (this is art just so you know, I want to get inspired by a lot of crazy Japanese stuffs).

    I hope many things people want are added in future update of VS before Winter. At least before Winter... before 2016.

    Well, at least I know they don't have a office and don't meet annually. Internet meeting... just some game developers actually do.

    P.S. Did you make any game with RPG Maker?

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  • #10, by afrlmeWednesday, 30. September 2015, 22:06 9 years ago
    You mean the VS team have an office & meet up? They do actually meet up once a year or so as far as I know. Thomas (Marvel) does have an office & a team of people, but they aren't anything to do with VS persay. They are to do with CMS software, design & various other things.

    I'm sure we'll have had a few builds out before winter of next year.

    IG Maker is made by the same development team as RPG Maker.

    Construct 2 does have windows export options but only through use of wrappers as it's geared more towards mobile & web browser based platforms.

    I find Unity to be a bit of a greedy monster. All games made with unity seem to like heating up this laptop & my previous laptop really quickly for some reason & a lot of Unity games seem to require quite a bit of ram, vram, cpu etc to run games smoothly regardless of quality / content of the games themselves.

    Personally I think it would be much wiser to go for UDK (unreal) engine over unity. Besides Unreal 4 engine is now free & it's a lot more powerful than Unity. It claims it has 2D support but I don't know the extent of it or how easy it to create 2D games with it. It is supposed to have some action part type method for non-programmers / scripters to be able to develop games, but it is probably better if you do know how to program. I think it supports its own language & c#, but not 100% sure.


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  • #11, by tristan-kangWednesday, 30. September 2015, 22:23 9 years ago
    Once a year seems pretty interesting.

    Still there are a lot of times to wait. You know one day, you can make really complicated game without knowing any programming skill by buying the game engine that has everything.

    The day will come, and it's inevitable. I wonder how programmers can survive and get paid in that era.

    My view is only programmers will be required to shorten the develop time of the games. Because I know how lazy we can be.

    But still there are people who are not lazy and burst their creativity with their internal rush (I call them endeavours).

    Is Unity really requiring that much ram? I didn't know that. I should try any Unity game with my laptop.

    Braid is made by Unreal Engine. I think this engine is good to make various cut-scene in 2D platformers.

    But you know next Unreal Engine will be emerged... or better engine will be emerged. Game industry will not be like previous days... only people who can strive can prosper from now. grin

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