Can Visionaire Studio support Chinese ?

  • #1, by element-leeThursday, 08. November 2018, 13:52 6 years ago
    I can't type in any Chinese words in the dialogue or anywhere.


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  • #2, by afrlmeThursday, 08. November 2018, 14:13 6 years ago
    It doesn't look like it, I just tried pasting some Chinese in that I found via google into different places & it doesn't seem to paste/show up.

    I'm guessing the default font that VS uses doesn't include Chinese support. Maybe Simon can look into that for a future update.


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  • #3, by SimonSThursday, 08. November 2018, 14:45 6 years ago
    Just to post answer also here:

    Visionaire Studio supports Chinese, ARIALUNI.ttf needs to be installed.

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  • #4, by afrlmeThursday, 08. November 2018, 14:53 6 years ago
    Wow, quite a large download size for a font. By installed, you just mean installed in windows by right clicking on the font & clicking the install button?

    * edit: just needs to be installed to windows. however you will still need to use a ttf font or image font that supports/includes chinese characters to get it display chinese in-game. However I would recommend not writing out any names for the objects/characters, etc in Chinese - it's best if those are done with the English alphabet (safer).


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  • #5, by TinTinThursday, 08. November 2018, 16:41 6 years ago
    VS support Persian  ( My language) font too. I tested before on mobiles and works PERFECT!!!

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