Can this engine do...

  • #1, by vurtMonday, 28. March, 05:48 2 months ago
    * Selecting a specific character at start

    * Day/night cycles

    * Weather (at random)

    * NPC Schedules (random behavior + scripted behavior - like NPC going to a specific place at a particular time).

    * Fighting (simplistic, like the shooting you might have in a platformer game)

    * Platforming (simplistic). Character should be able to fall to his death, for example. 


    Which ones are doable without much effort and which ones would require a bit of work or would be impossible? 

    And yes, i understand this is an engine for point and click adventure (and that would be the key thing to do for my game), just curious if this is the right engine to do something which would be a bit of a hybrid though. Suggestions for other engines (if you know any and have experience) is good too! Thanks!


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  • #2, by afrlmeMonday, 28. March, 16:36 2 months ago
    1. Yes.

    2. Yes, should be possible via shaders/scripting.

    3. Yes, again via scripting or looping action blocks with if queries & conditions &/or values.

    4.  Yes - see point 3.

    5 & 6. Potentially, but Visionaire isn't designed for platformer/top down shooter games & doesn't use tiles or instancing, so while things like what you are asking for might be possible, they won't be super easy to implement as they will require some scripting & probably a load of debugging to get them working as intended.

    Now having said that, Visionaire is getting more flexible with each update & the end goal of the engine is to add support for additional genres, which Simon is already working towards with the custom scripting language & visual scripting system he's working on, as well as the box2D physics engine he already implemented, & game controller support, & various other features. Don't get me wrong, the engine is still heavily geared towards traditional 2D third & first person point & click adventure games, but it's slowly opening up towards other genres as well.

    Currently VS has the most support for these genres: 2D/2.5D third person point & click adventure games. First person myst-like adventure games. Interactive visual novels. FMV point & click adventure games. RTS/strategy/management type games are also technically possible, & games featuring RPG mechanics might also be possible - platformer games on the other hand, such as side scrollers are possible, but in a very limited capacity due to lack of instancing, self targeting, & lack of collision detection (possible with scripting, but only in rect, which is not very accurate), so making your character jump or fall through a hole in the floor is not an easy thing to do.


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  • #3, by vurtMonday, 28. March, 16:50 2 months ago
    Many thanks, very helpful! It seems like a great and easy to use engine from the tutorials i've watched. Might give it a try and perhaps skip the fighting and platforming.


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  • #4, by afrlmeMonday, 28. March, 17:08 2 months ago
    It's free to try. The evaluation version has all the same features as the full version, just a 10 scene limitation which is more than enough scenes figure out whether or not the engine is for you. The build & export feature is also blocked in the evaluation version, but you can run your projects via the editor for testing pursposes anyway.

    Good luck & have fun developing. smile


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