Can I use action API calls?

  • #1, by adventure-birdMonday, 18. December 2017, 20:30 6 years ago

    I already started developing an adventure game and  spent a lot of time with clicking together the action on different objects. Especially creating the story board which often looks like:


    This ends up in a big list of painful clicked actions. So I thought about replacing all of this by 1 Script which contains all of this "Action" as script.
    So I skim through API but it seams that the API is working on a much more abstract level. Do I overlook something. How do you act with this situation or what is best practice for this.


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  • #2, by afrlmeMonday, 18. December 2017, 21:47 6 years ago
    To a degree that's possible with Lua script, but not in the way that you want as Lua doesn't iterate through each action one after the other. There's no wait until x action/event is done with Lua script & not everything, such as talking can be executed wth Lua script. Visionaire is a visual based engine & as such, you will have to deal with all the annoying pointing & selecting & clicking (it annoys me too, but what can you do?).


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