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  • #1, by paul-1Wednesday, 02. September 2020, 13:55 10 months ago
    hi wink 
    I have the latest version of visonaire studio
    I have a problem when i launch the game build for windows I receive this error message :

    13:48:20.154:Failed to read buffer of project file. File is empty.
    13:48:20.154:Failed to load ved file jack-V1-Windows
    13:48:20.154:Loading game from file 'jack-V1-Windows.vis#v#-01#01776#' failed!
    13:48:20.154:Init failed, could not load game

    and when i check integrity i receive this kind of message :

    0:00:082 1276 'Id: 1276 - Start Event V1 1c: Narration: jack  : Voilà julie , j'ai trouvé ton livre' links to dead language 2

    any idea please ?

    thank you smile


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  • #2, by paul-1Wednesday, 02. September 2020, 23:08 10 months ago
    I finally found for the messages 'links to dead language 2' I just had to recreate some dialogs, the error was maybe due to a pasted copy, I don't know and for the other error it's just that you have to check all the boxes in the 'simplified' tab during build

    voila wink


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