Build on older version?

  • #1, by XerilonTuesday, 31. May 2016, 22:53 8 years ago
    Since I have crash problems with all 4x versions, is it possible to start my project in version 3 and then upgrade later (when 4x crashes are fixed) without much hassle? My project has no written code...


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  • #2, by marvelTuesday, 31. May 2016, 22:58 8 years ago
    Do you have the latest display driver installed?

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  • #3, by afrlmeTuesday, 31. May 2016, 23:00 8 years ago
    Yes, you can work in an older version & then upgrade later on.

    I don't think you will have to wait that much longer for an update anyway...

    @ Thomas: that's what caused my issue. I've since formatted my laptop & reverted back to windows 8.1 & stuck with a slightly older version of drivers for my amd card.


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  • #4, by XerilonWednesday, 01. June 2016, 09:58 8 years ago
    Thanks, I remember upgrading a Unity 4 project to the new 5 version was a nightmare :p


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  • #5, by afrlmeWednesday, 01. June 2016, 12:01 8 years ago
    Thanks, I remember upgrading a Unity 4 project to the new 5 version was a nightmare :p

    For the most part, projects made with older versions usually work fine with updated versions of the editor or even newer .x versions, however you may need to edit a few things to make them work as intended again, which could be due to a new feature being added, or an old one having been removed, updated or replaced, but it's usually minimal.

    P.S: I can confirm that downgrading back to windows 8.1 pro x64 & not installing the absolute latest drivers for my amd card fixed my issues in regards to VS (crashing & preview viewport sections of the editor going black).


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  • #6, by MachtnixWednesday, 01. June 2016, 18:34 8 years ago
    I created some of my games in 3.7 and imported it into 4.0 beta and later into 4.2.5. Mostly 99% features are working without problems, but I remarked some differences:

    The particle system doesn't work any longer, because I didn't use a particle texture. I used the standard preview particle. After adding a texture it works.

    It seems to me that running actions work another way than before. Action starts immediately and works one after another. So I had to rearrange some actions. I think there is a thread about this in the forum, don't know where.

    It also seems to me, that very small walking areas doesn't fit as good as before. I used an area with only 10 pixels height, because my characters are always 2D and they shouldn't walk on the wall.

    This "preload" thing doesn't work in the newer version. To load a huge animation before playing it I used "preload". That's not possible now, I have to try another solution.

    I haven't this "action area"-bug in the 3.7 so often. Maybe I didn't use it so much.

    The newest version doesn't want some music or movie/picture formats. Not as tolerant as before. Kick out all strange formats, especially mp3, and use only png, (wav), ogg, webm or other web*-formats.

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  • #7, by XerilonWednesday, 01. June 2016, 20:15 8 years ago
    Thanks for the tips!

    Yeah, the "preload" might be an issue, but I'm making an FMV so there will be no walk areas or characters to speak of, only animations from frames smile

    Well, ARFLme, downgrading might work but it is frankly a poor solution in the long run, haha!
    Besides, I went straight from Win7 to 10 and never had 8, and my new GTX970 is a complex story to mess with initself smile


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