Bug VS 3.7.1 -- Text export

  • #1, by cr34m3Sunday, 30. March 2014, 13:04 10 years ago
    I've noticed a small issue when using the Extras > Export texts... function. When exporting to CSV (and I'm sure other formats have this too), character text in way system action areas do not get exported. This can easily cause you to miss a line or two when translating or checking grammar.

    Just to be clear, the location of the text I'm referring to:
    Scene > Way Systems > Action Areas > ActionArea1 > Action1 (e.g. Character enters area) > Display text by character 'Current character'

    Note: I haven't checked this for all actions not listed in the scene objects/actions menus. I'll update as I find more.


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  • #2, by BigStansSunday, 30. March 2014, 13:40 10 years ago
    Sure, it was fixed in 4.0 wink

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