"Bouncing" scrolling 5.09

  • #1, by MateuszTuesday, 19. February 2019, 15:58 5 years ago
    Dunno if it's a bug or perhaps an intended and preferred by some way of handling scrolling, but we experience - in our opinion - a weird behavior of scene scrolling.
    In 5.07 (and earlier) versions of VS when screen was scrolled with mouse cursor, it kept it position until mouse was moved far into opposite direction. In 5.09 however it "bounces back" over slightest mouse movement.

    Below are links to two movies that showcase the problem.



    If it's not a bug but a new way of handling scrolling - is there a way to force 5.09 to behave in that manner like earlier builds?


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  • #2, by MateuszWednesday, 27. February 2019, 12:11 5 years ago
    up. bounce. whatever. Seriously, no one is bothered by totally butched scrolling in new incarnation of editor?


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  • #3, by SimonSWednesday, 27. February 2019, 13:14 5 years ago
    Hi, it's very hard for me to fix small bugs because all these systems are much too big and everybody uses it differently. I will rework it again some time in future, but ofc for the next update.

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