Bought the engine and didn't receive key. Email not being answered.. how can I get support?

  • #1, by VoodahWednesday, 04. December 2013, 22:09 8 years ago
    My order nr. 3003 and it appears it went through just fine through Paypal. I did not receive anything though...

    I have sent emails to Thomas and another address but nothing.. Is this place still working?


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  • #2, by marvelWednesday, 04. December 2013, 22:25 8 years ago
    Some things need time wink We are not 24h the day in our office. I com back to you tomorrow.


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  • #3, by VoodahSaturday, 07. December 2013, 00:47 8 years ago
    Yes, tyvm!

    Got it and already working !


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