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  • #1, by tomgamerSunday, 17. October, 18:47 A month ago

    is there some tutorial or an easy way how to make a Book or Wiki in-game main menu?
    On the left side will be names of articles on the right side will be content.
    Prefer to do that in text form with some spacing etc.
    Check my screenshot.

    (I did that in Wintermute Engine which I am coming from but that engine is too obsolete nowadays)

    Thank you.


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  • #2, by SimonSFriday, 22. October, 16:08 A month ago
    You would need to script it.

    Here's an example for text scroll panes to display scrollable text:

    The buttons on the left side can just be done with standard buttons. You could use values to set the text with the tags <vs=valuename>.

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