• #1, by sommer1993Sunday, 02. February 2014, 23:36 11 years ago

    Wollte mal frage wie das genau gemacht wird mit der Bildschirmauflösung.

    Mein game erstelle ich mit der Auflösung 1680x1050.

    was muss man machen wenn man nun einen kleineren oder (größeren) Bildschirm hat der nicht das Format hat ? gibt es ein script für eine Option womit man das game am Bildschrim anpassen kann ? oder muss man das Spiel in jedem Format erstellen (unter Werkzeuge ^^) ?


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  • #2, by afrlmeSunday, 02. February 2014, 23:48 11 years ago
    All scenes have to be created at the same size - or greater than - your default game resolution. Scenes larger than the default game resolution will become scrollable.

    The engine itself will automatically scale the game according to the players desktop resolution providing that the config.ini file (that is created when you compile/build your game) contains:
    resolution = auto

    resolution = desktop


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  • #3, by afrlmeSunday, 02. February 2014, 23:54 11 years ago
    Ah wait, I re-read the translation... I believe you are talking about your monitor resolution size no? I work at 1920x1080 but my laptop monitor is only capable of 1366x768 but when I run the game via the visionaire studio editor in fullscreen mode it automatically scales the game down to my monitor resolution.

    you can turn fullscreen mode on via: extras > options... > player: tick the "fullscreen" box & the widescreen support box underneath it to activate auto scaling.


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