Bildschirmauflösung anpassen

  • #1, by AsuraWednesday, 08. January 2014, 15:24 11 years ago
    Hallo Adventurefans

    Hat jemand ein Skript für die Bildschirmauflösung anzupassen ( im Spielmenü ) .


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  • #2, by afrlmeWednesday, 08. January 2014, 16:17 11 years ago
    to adjust screen resolution, you need to add/update a line in the config.ini
    resolution = one of option values below

    with one of these options:
    * auto (automatically scales game down to players desktop resolution)
    * desktop (sets resolution to players desktop resolution)
    * game (sets resolution to game default)
    * some resolution value. eg: 1920x1080

    Also for the resolution to take effect the player has to restart the game as currently you can not update the resolution while the game is running like most modern games.

    Just take a look at my config.ini script found on the vs community wiki via the wiki menu link.


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