Best way to show detailed objects? (books, notes, ...)

  • #1, by sebastianSunday, 28. June 2015, 19:02 9 years ago
    Hey there smile

    im thinking about what is the best solution to display the player infos like book content or notes on a paper instead of just display text what stands in/on it. Instead i want to display a (fullscreen, interactive) graphic .
    So when i LOOK on the object in a scene or in the inventory the book"interface" opens.

    But what is the best method?:
    Should i use an Interface or
    use a menu which shows up or
    use some kind of animation which gets layed over the scene

    ... for stuff like books, notes, cards, etc when inspecting them?

    How do you guys solve this and are there any examples out there?

    kind regards

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  • #2, by ke4Sunday, 28. June 2015, 19:46 9 years ago

    i was creating one book in my game and i made it as an custom interface. You would need to write a new class inside of the .ved file for that, but it doesn't really matter what interface you would use for that. ( I'm having a several different interfaces in my game )

    I put the book pages images inside of the interface and then just showed the interface when i need it. I'm not sure why now, but i came to a conclusion that it's a better way then using a menu scenes.

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