Best way to change background?

  • #1, by saintandsimonSaturday, 05. October 2013, 13:58 11 years ago
    Ey peeps

    Sitting here and thinking about changing a particular background in game (just replacing it). But I wonder which is the most logic and efficient way to do it? Is inserting the background as an object, and then set the objects visibility to 100% the best way, or is there another? I'd prefer to avoid the action of changing scenes, because that would just be a double of everything. ^^


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  • #2, by NigecSaturday, 05. October 2013, 14:36 11 years ago
    In my Zeppelin demo I had the backgrounds as objects and then used conditions to turn them on and off
    This way you can also add hotspots and switch these on and off as well with the same background condition
    However it can get a bit confusing, sometimes VS doesn't show the stacking order correctly, very annoying

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  • #3, by brut69Saturday, 05. October 2013, 17:32 11 years ago
    I find it it is easier to just copy/paste the scene and just change to that scene instead.

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  • #4, by saintandsimonSaturday, 05. October 2013, 19:26 11 years ago
    Allright, thanks for the input, both of you. smile


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