Be followed on each scenes, and stop to be followed by a dog...

  • #1, by latoxineFriday, 29. August 2014, 12:29 10 years ago

    My flies post had no success, so I try this one with different animal ;-)

    I'd like my character to be chased by an other NPC character ( let's call him a Dog ) present on the same scene, after he 'dialogue' to a third NPC character ( let's call him the dog master ) also present on the scene.

    The chase have to start when a dialog action is done: for example the Master NPC character give an item ( bag, ''sac'' in french ). So I give you the bag, but this dog will follow you everywhere...Like a dog.

    The trigger is done in the NPC master dog Dialogue action, refer to the bag condition.
    It work, I just have to put a beggining action on each scene ( please see below ) otherwise the dog is not showing on other scenes ( but on save screenshots you see the dog !)

    The problem is when I when to stop the chase. I'm not sure where I have to do something, cause I can't stop the chase. I tried further things, but didn't success.

    I'd like to know how stop the chase by giving an item to the NPC master? To the Dog ? Doing a specific action elsewhere...


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  • #2, by afrlmeSaturday, 30. August 2014, 15:28 10 years ago
    Sorry, as I said I'm on vacation at the minute, so my replies have been, & will be, far & few until about 7th or 8th of September.

    You need to use an additional condition &/or setup a combination condition. Or ideally just use a value instead, which has a default value of 0 (0 for bag not taken), then when bag is taken set value to 1 (1 for bag taken) & then you query if value is 1 in the at begin of scene action. Then after you've performed whatever action you are talking about to get the dog to stop following you into each scene just set value to 2 along with the stop chase action part.

    P.S: based on the middle screenshot you posted: you need to add another end if action part onto the end, but to be honest, you didn't actually need to add the: if condition 'sac dispo?' bit as the else on its own was sufficient enough. Because you added the additional if, you need 2 end ifs. Always the same amount of end if as if.


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  • #3, by latoxineSaturday, 30. August 2014, 16:21 10 years ago

    EDIT : now it work...i don't know if it's because of the end if, or because I did wrong about the chasing character choice...

    thank you,
    for the else and end if correction. For the moment I prefer focus on basics ( no using using values for the moment, as I don't understand them at all )

    Could you tell me more about the additional condition &/or I could have to use here please ?


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  • #4, by afrlmeSaturday, 30. August 2014, 16:37 10 years ago

    Combined conditions allow you set 2 single conditions to one condition & determine if the condition is true based on the value of the single conditions.

    I don't use them much as I prefer to code most things in lua script, but they could be useful for people who don't know lua or prefer to just use the built in action parts.

    Values are also explained on the page I linked you. I prefer values over conditions because they are more flexible & you can generate an infinite amount of query possibilities with them.


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