Basic Touchscreen Controls?

  • #1, by simonThursday, 17. January 2019, 20:10 5 years ago
    I want to employ a simple touchscreen interface so that when you touch the screen, the character moves to that point and when you touch an icon, you get various selectable options. I see this has been raised before but not fully answered or explained why it does not appear to be built in to Visionaire Studio. I do not know LUA. Can anyone solve this please?


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  • #2, by NigecFriday, 18. January 2019, 20:53 5 years ago
    I think most of the desktop methods will cross over or adapt, I believe if you look in the Wiki for luadocs that is the most up to date reference for the newer stuff in VS5 and there is things like pinch screen

    The people offering support aren't doing modile games sadly, I've done flash games that worked just the same on Android, even a game with a verb disc worked ok

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  • #3, by darren-beckettFriday, 25. January 2019, 21:12 5 years ago
    Touchscreen works the same as clicking the mouse, you just need to remove the mouse icon before creating the build.

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