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  • #1, by zurikMonday, 08. April 2019, 11:27 5 years ago
    Hey. I am trying to understand the LUA scripting. I only have little experience with JS and some basic stuff. I am trying to debug some script and wonder how can I easily show a text on screen (or make the main character say something) with the script. I have tried to read the documentation, but some of the pages say "There is currently no text in this page.".

    How would I write. "MainCharacter.Say("testing a variable", Q), for example?


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  • #2, by afrlmeMonday, 08. April 2019, 11:46 5 years ago
    Sorry, but there are currently no built in functions available to make a character say something.

    The only methods currently would be to use a value to store a string, then start a called by other action which contains a display text that is linked to the value. The other would be to use the Lua draw functions to draw the text & startAnimation function to start the talk animation of the relevant character, but to be honest neither methods are particularly practical.

    Here's your first lesson in Lua, it's Lua, not LUA. wink
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