Auto build from command line / Continuous Integration

  • #1, by rimekTuesday, 21. January 2020, 17:34 4 years ago
    Hi everyone!

    I'm new here, so maybe an answer to my question exists somewere in the documentation but I didn't notice it yet...

    Is it possible to create a final game build from Visionaire Studio (using continuous integration software like TeamCity or Jenkins) through command line?

    Something like:
    viseditor.exe -build -platform=pc -projectName=something -additionalParams .... 


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  • #2, by SimonSTuesday, 21. January 2020, 19:48 4 years ago
    viseditor.exe -b -p windows -t C:\output\data.vis

    Not really tested that much though.

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  • #3, by rimekTuesday, 21. January 2020, 20:27 4 years ago
    So it's possible. Good news for me smile Tnx a lot!


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