Audio preview in Animation playback

  • #1, by andiliddellSaturday, 30. August 2014, 20:11 10 years ago

    Apologies in advance for yet another "new feature request".. It's not that I'm ungrateful! smile

    As I get closer to finishing my first game, there's a number of little tasks that could be made much easier with an extra feature or two

    The one that's causing me pain at the moment, is testing and tweaking sound effects with animations.

    It would be great if when you click the play animation button, any sounds cued up to trigger on any frames played back too.

    This would save loads of time in having to set-up the game to start in the right scene, and the character, and get to the animation point, just to find its slightly out of sync with the audio.

    Many thanks

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