Architecture 101

  • #1, by vozerThursday, 13. February 2014, 14:08 11 years ago
    Heyho! So I´m going to start here.

    We are trying to finish the first alpha of our game "Architecture 101" (working title). We hope the first part of Episode 1(alpha) will be done in about a month.

    It´s a game about hte life of an architecture student with all its ups and downs from the first subscription to the diplom. (its a funny one, no worries smile

    We are currently doing it on german, but are thinking of porting to french, slovakian and english.

    It will be done in 3 Episodes over time.

    Anybody interested in doing beta testing, when we have sth. to show?


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  • #2, by ScubidubiFriday, 21. March 2014, 09:56 10 years ago
    Sure I could look over it

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