App Crashes so much game cannot be completed

  • #1, by calalillySunday, 09. November 2014, 20:39 10 years ago
    My company purchased a copy of Visionaire for me to do some research on game design. I am also using it for a college course. I have not been able to successfully create a game on my work laptop because the app crashes constantly. I tried to download v4 on a computer at home, but I am getting a message that the key is not valid.

    Is there a fix for the constant crashing? It is happening as I am trying to load graphics and to set settings in the game (like creating buttons on an Inventory item). I need to either fix the version on my work laptop, or be able to try the software at home.

    At this point I am in search of other free options to get my coursework done.


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  • #2, by SimonSSunday, 09. November 2014, 20:47 10 years ago
    Have you bought version 4 or 3 ? Please try updating your graphics driver ( suppose you have an intel chip, site seems to offline at the time ). You can use the free version and paid version without key without restrictions, but you can't export the game then, I think this won't be a problem at first.

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  • #3, by calalillySunday, 09. November 2014, 21:37 10 years ago
    Version 4. I will try to update the graphics driver. Our laptops are basic business use machines. It does meet the minimum requirements, but does not have great graphics. Sadly playing games at work is discouraged. (ha ha)

    I will try to update the graphics driver. I do need to be able to export the game. I am creating a prototype of a learning game for a manufacturing facility. I need to share my working prototype with both my professor at school and with a number of people at work who will hopefully like the prototype enough that they will fund to have the learning game created.

    Thanks again. I have looked at other development platforms, but most, like Gamesalad, seem better for games like platform and FPS. Since this is a learning game, I need something that supports lots of dialogue.


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  • #4, by afrlmeSunday, 09. November 2014, 22:28 10 years ago
    The minimum requirements were more of an estimation which I wrote based on my previous laptop which was nothing special. Having said that, the requirements are more to do with running the game than the editor itself. I don't believe you need a top end machine to use the editor although certain things might cause issues such as graphics card, gpu drivers etc.

    Just to clarify: you are using the latest version of Visionaire Studio? The current public release is 4.1 build 1177 (far as I'm aware).


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  • #5, by calalillyMonday, 10. November 2014, 23:28 10 years ago
    Yes, I am using the latest version. I was able to get it loaded on a different computer at home with a good graphics card. No issues yet.


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