aply Shaderexclude to objects.

  • #1, by yoyanWednesday, 10. June 2015, 17:17 6 years ago
    Hi guys, I want use shader effect for example "ripple1" in all escene but no in some objects. Can I exclude some objects from the scene??... Or Can I aply shader effects only to the background image ?. thanks in advance wink.


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  • #2, by afrlmeWednesday, 10. June 2015, 20:31 6 years ago
    No, you can't exclude objects & no it's not possible to apply a shader effect to the background only however...

    You could add the background as a scene object & apply a shader object effect to the scene object you've added the background image to.

    Check out this thread @ www.visionaire-studio.net/forum/thread/visionaire-shader-toolkit-demo/ for a template of how to apply shader effects to scenes & objects.

    For a list of available shader effects check out this page on the wiki.


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  • #3, by yoyanFriday, 12. June 2015, 03:38 6 years ago
    Yes i know that i can add backgorund as a scene object..Not is my solution wink. Ok the answer is No and No. Ok thanks a lots afrlme!


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