Any News on Version 4?

  • #1, by brut69Sunday, 16. February 2014, 04:00 11 years ago
    Any news on the newer version?

    Will it be backwards compatible?
    Will it include an Icon and Window Name changer?
    Any of the newer features ?

    I heard a rumor that V4 will not be developed and instead the team is going for the Mobile App route. Is it true? Anyone knows?

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  • #2, by afrlmeSunday, 16. February 2014, 04:35 11 years ago

    where did you hear that then?

    the next release is almost ready as far as I'm aware.
    projects being made with 3.7.1 will be compatible with the next release but not the other way around.

    not sure if it comes with the custom icon feature - David was looking into it a while back but don't know if he sorted it out, gave up on it or is planning to add it to a future update.

    window name changer? there's a new Lua function that allows you to set custom window titles or even different titles per game language you create for your game.

    Yes, I believe most of features, I one of the others have mentioned will be included, in the release; in some form or other smile


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