Animations in coin interface background?

  • #1, by loro-gamesFriday, 16. March 2018, 14:38 6 years ago
    Hey guys!

    Sorry if this has been discussed before (I couldn't find anything). In the standard interface properties we can only assign an background image to the interface. What if I would like to have the verb-coin glow for example. Is it possible to use an animation for the background? Or even an "open" and "close" animation. I could just play the infinite "glow" animation by entering the action in the mouse properties. This would work fine with animations that are played once, like opening the coin but the infinite animation is giving me troubles because it seems to be always layered above all my buttons inactive images AND active animations. Is there a way to define the order in which these animations are stacked. Kinda got a little animation inception going on here.^^

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    EDIT: Oh wow there was an easy fix. I just had to move the button containing my background animation all the way down to my button list. But now all my other active animations are not being displayed anymore


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