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  • #1, by LupaShivaMonday, 30. December 2013, 13:19 11 years ago

    Is there any way to create an animated interface? for example a chest opening that would be the inventory?

    Thank you

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  • #2, by afrlmeMonday, 30. December 2013, 14:01 11 years ago
    you can add animations to interface buttons in the same way that you can add animations to scene objects or characters...

    just use a static image of the open chest as background & then add a button at the top which contains 2 animations. have the initial animation containing the static closed chest image set to loop infinite & then the next animation containing the chest opening animation set to loop amount 1; the animation will automatically hide/unload after it has done playing.

    next when you want to open chest just hide/stop initial closed chest animation & start the open chest animation playing & voila - I think smile


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  • #3, by LupaShivaMonday, 30. December 2013, 23:03 11 years ago
    Looks Simple =) gotta try it.

    Thank you a lot

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