ALL 4 A COLA game completed!

  • #1, by denis-Friday, 11. October 2013, 14:00 11 years ago
    Finally, we are ready!
    did it take quite a bit of time but in the end I was able to complete it!
    I must say the help of you all of the forum was crucial and ... especially the tutorial Glen.
    Download for free the game at this site and leave comments please.

    A few thing are changed of my first release of picutures...especially regarding the main character and his animations...a lot of work but was worth it!!

    The game has been translated into English as well as native speakers of Italian
    Have pity if there are translation errors I tried to make the most of everything but being almost entirely alone ... some error will be there.


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  • #2, by funkygallo-1Friday, 11. October 2013, 15:31 11 years ago
    I know how it ends smile



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