Adventure Jam Entry "door" Released - a Sidescroller Mystery Adventure Game

  • #1, by jonas-common-colorsSaturday, 19. May 2018, 12:20 6 years ago
    Imagine waking up, not knowing where you are... or WHO you are. "door", created within 14 days for the Adventure Jam 2018, has you examining your surroundings, solving puzzles and finally uncovering a horrific truth...

    Hey guys!

    We've just finished our contribution to this year's Adventure Jam. It's called "door" and - of course - it was made using Visionaire Studio. smile

    One thing you guys might be interested in: The game uses sidescroller mechanics and therefore is controlled exclusively with the keyboard - which works quite nicely with Visionaire! (If anyone of you is interested in how we did it, feel free to contact me!)

    We're really looking forward to hear what you think about it smile Have fun playing!

    Jonas (CMMN CLRS)


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