Adventure Game Sale

  • #1, by anthonyirwin82Sunday, 25. June 2017, 02:28 7 years ago
    Hi all,

    Thought give you guys a heads up.

    Steam has some pretty massive sales at the moment and you can pick up some bargins on adventure games if you want to get some.

    You can get the old school lucas arts games and some of them have remastered titles with modern graphics.

    Daedalic Studio games many of which are listed on visonaires home page as made with visionaire. I own most their titles and can recommend them to anyone wanting good adventure games and to see what visionaire studio is capable of with a team of people making a game.

    You can also get the double fine studio games, gabriel knight and others. you can pretty much filter on the adventure and point & click tags and go nuts with buying adventure games.

    Anyway if you want to stock up on adventure games now is the time.



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  • #2, by afrlmeSunday, 25. June 2017, 02:51 7 years ago
    My biggest category of owned games on Steam is point & click adventure games. I've got quite a lot of them already, though not played all of them yet. Planning on seeing how much I can make from selling off steam trading cards first, then maybe getting the Daedalic pack bundle pack that comes with Deponia Doomsday & Silence as it's cheaper than buying Silence on its own & I don't have either of those games or Anna's Quest.

    P.S: I highly recommend checking out bundlestars as they have some nice deals on various point & click games (as well as all other game genres) such as LucasArts bundle often going for around €2 & Broken Sword Complete for about €5 or so, etc.


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