Adding reverb to music

  • #1, by nicholas-chanThursday, 01. April, 12:06 8 months ago
    Hi there,

    I'm wondering what is the best way to add reverb to a music track and be able to increase or decrease it? I imagine the new Digital audio workstation can be used in this situation.



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  • #2, by afrlmeFriday, 02. April, 20:30 8 months ago
    Hmm, why would you want to dynamically control reverb on a music track? If it's background music, then surely you would just apply the reverb via whatever DAW/sound editor you used to create/record the music with? If it's music that's being played by something in the scene, like a speaker, or a screen/device of some kind, then I guess I would understand that, but I still don't see the point in dynamically controlling the reverb for it.

    I'm not saying that it's not possible to do that, but I am curious as to why you would want let alone need to control it.


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  • #3, by nicholas-chanMonday, 26. April, 05:10 7 months ago
    I want to dynamically control it because the same music plays in three different spaces that are connected, and it's all coming from a record player in the final room.


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  • #4, by nicholas-chanMonday, 26. April, 05:12 7 months ago
    The other way I can think of is playing two tracks, one is the music without reverb, the other with reverb, then changing their volumes when the character goes into the different rooms, but playing two sounds, let alone making it so that both continues playing from one scene to another seems to be pretty tough. Which would be easier?


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  • #5, by SimonSMonday, 26. April, 08:49 7 months ago
    If you use 2 sounds that you need to keep in sync look at the sync container.

    If you want to add reverb dynamically to music use a mixer, you control the amount of reverb with send and scalesource.

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