Add object path in the clipboard

  • #1, by bananeisafreeThursday, 26. May 2016, 14:49 8 years ago
    Hi everyone.

    Quick idea that could kind of simplify the life of the lesser gifted when it comes to scripting (like yours truly).
    You added (and I love it!) the ability to show as a tooltip the object path in your options.
    It would be great if we could have a way to copy that entry in the clipboard !
    I know its not a feature that people who understand how your object system works will require, but since VS is aimed at people with little scripting knowledge with its extensive built in options, this could be a step further to help them dive into scripting and do even more with your engine.

    I know its icing on the cake but I tought I would at least pass on the idea !

    Have a great one!
    Manly Hugs

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  • #2, by afrlmeThursday, 26. May 2016, 15:22 8 years ago
    I'm hoping Simon &/or David will be able to implement a proper auto-complete system in the future (I am assuming you are talking about the Lua script aspect side of the engine) that is fully tied into the VisOBJ database, as it would definitely make things easier for advanced scripters & people new to scripting.

    Writing the path to something is relatively straightforward...
    Objects["testobj"] -- global path (only use if you use unique names for everything)
    Scenes["testscene"].SceneObjects["testobj"] -- direct path
    game.CurrentScene.SceneObjects["testobj"] -- direct path to an object in current scene

    ... I think you get the idea.


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  • #3, by bananeisafreeThursday, 26. May 2016, 16:23 8 years ago
    I do, and it does indeed simplify things greatly.

    I still think that having the path visible and accessible in the editor itself would help especialy with values and conditions.

    Again. It would become useless once people are used to the whole system but it would be a great learning tool, and since one of the selling point of VS is to be easy to use for people who think a script mean the text of a movie or a play, this could ease the transistion to more advanced stuff.

    The request does not concern me (mostly) anymore (I think) but I would have love something of the sort in my earlier learning phases.

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