Actions activated on dialog without delay?

  • #1, by mikael32225Friday, 14. July 2017, 09:19 7 years ago
    In the dialog section you can specify an action to be excuted when a certain dialog line is chosen. However, it seems like the game waits until that dialog line has actually played out, before it runs the action.

    Is there a way to activate an action, after a line is chosen, but before the line is played?

    The most obvious example of use would be to show different mood portraits of the Hero's expression while saying a specific line.


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  • #2, by sebastianFriday, 14. July 2017, 10:16 7 years ago
    actually no... But you can check that another line as displayed will be shown and enter a blank text into the second textfield. Then in the action you can display the text and before also run other action parts. 

    Its a bit more time-consuming because you enter the real text at two different places, but it would do what you want smile 

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  • #3, by mikael32225Friday, 14. July 2017, 10:27 7 years ago
    Not really something I'd want to do with every line of dialog, but sounds like a good idea for special situations. Thanks!


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  • #4, by afrlmeFriday, 14. July 2017, 12:05 7 years ago
    I hate the default dialog system. It's really antiquated, but they can't really rip it out & replace it with a new system because of the back compatibility policy, as anyone that updated would likely have to rework all their dialogs again. roll

    You could always create your own custom dialog system which is what Daedalic Entertainment & few other people here do. It's a fair bit of work, but at least you get to design it exactly the way you want, though I would recommend keeping it fairly simple if you do - something along the lines of the 4 choice dialog options like Telltale Games uses.


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  • #5, by mikael32225Friday, 14. July 2017, 13:36 7 years ago
    Yeah, since this is the first time I'm working with Visionaire, I think I want to keep it simple this time around. Might be worth looking into for my next game though.


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