Action area tab disappears

  • #1, by BarneyTuesday, 13. May 2014, 22:23 10 years ago
    The Action Area tab in the Action Areas dialogue of the Way Systems window disappears when you switch to, say, Scene Objects and back. The Preview tab stays, but the Action Area only reappears after restarting Visionaire (or after you've clicked numerous times on other random options like Characters or Scenes.)


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  • #2, by Marian77Tuesday, 13. May 2014, 22:52 10 years ago
    Also, from time to time 1s and 0s appear on the screen, kind of randomly spread. They also disappear when you restart VS (Mac). I don't know how to provoke it, but I'll take a Screenshot of it when it happens next time. I guess it's the same category of problem as the shortened names of stuff I already started a thread about.

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