Accidental text skipping

  • #1, by andiliddellMonday, 18. August 2014, 18:53 7 years ago
    During play-testing my game, I'm continually having the same problem, and am seeing some of the testers experience the same Issue.

    I've left the global setting so that any on screen text spoken by the character can be skipped (apart from cut-scenes). I find this works for a less frustrating user experience, when you can read faster than the game thinks you can.

    The problem that crops up regularly though, is when a player clicks to skip a piece of on-screen text, just as the next line appears. This means they end up accidentally skipping the next line completely, sometimes missing a vital clue or story element.

    As a suggestion, could the engine ignore text skip clicks for the first second or so of a line of text being on screen? (in effect you can't skip text until after 1 second)

    This would give time for the players eye to notice the change in text, and solve the accidental skip problem. If this was toggle-able in the editor, it would still allow for developers to quickly click through text for testing.

    I can appreciate this might mean a fundamental change to the way text engine works, but it can be a fundamental problem in story telling and puzzle solutions too.

    Would be interested to hear other peoples thoughts/experiences of this.

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  • #2, by SDMonoMonday, 18. August 2014, 19:31 7 years ago
    I believe you can put "

    " behind a line of text and now the player has to click the left mouse btn to skip to the next line of text. Maybe that helps you somehow.

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  • #3, by afrlmeMonday, 18. August 2014, 19:46 7 years ago
    Yeah just adding

    will force the player to have to left click to close current text or progress to the next displayed text.


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  • #4, by andiliddellTuesday, 19. August 2014, 10:32 7 years ago
    Thanks for this guys, this could well be a suitable solution.

    are there any other handy text tags that can effect behaviour of screen text?

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  • #5, by SimonSTuesday, 19. August 2014, 10:36 7 years ago
    Information about that in the wiki:

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  • #6, by afrlmeTuesday, 19. August 2014, 10:53 7 years ago
    I believe the text page on the 2d wiki is a bit out of date? The new wiki has a more up to date page but I've to add text export section & an example for the pause x ms audio tag yet.

    P.S: I'm not 100% sure but I think seconds ( s ) is no longer supported? I think I got an error when trying that tag in 4.0 beta & switched to using ms - I've not tried using seconds in the final or rc versions mind.


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