about walkable areas

  • #1, by jetsetwillyWednesday, 04. February 2015, 23:35 10 years ago
    1 how to delete a walkable area
    2 how to draw a second series of way points
    3how to actived or deactived walable areas(when the character open the door)


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  • #2, by afrlmeWednesday, 04. February 2015, 23:46 10 years ago
    You need to create multiple version of way systems for each room if something should change in said room. If a door is open or closed or maybe something in the room has collapsed or an hole has been blown through a wall or the floor.

    1. create your way systems.
    2. change to required way system as needed.

    Quick note: it's probably better to duplicate or copy / paste your initial way system & edit as desired.


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