About Visionaire and mobile ports .Process is so slow!!!

  • #1, by TinTinWednesday, 28. June 2017, 18:03 7 years ago

    Visionaire is great and wasy tool with high performance without any doubt . But....
    Sorry for this post but I'm waiting for a long time for improve mobile ports . I Haven't any plan for desktop at the moment and only want publish on mobile devices.

    In first release of VS 4 until now you mention in site that you have Android and iOS port . That's why and for this reason I bought it .  But both iOS and Android have problem until now. I think it's takes 3 years. 

    Also you mention that VS 5.0 release in early years. It's 28 June As it's on RC yet. And we haven't iOS at all and Android have many problems .

    Honestly I can't wait anymore . I'm a developer and your engine process is so slow . I'm a customer of Visionaire Studio and unsatisfied for updates. I think VS is second job for you.

    Anyway and for last words : When did you release stable version with correct Android and iOS ports? If it's not suitable for mobile ports or takes many times again , please let me know .

    Thanks so much

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  • #2, by SimonSWednesday, 28. June 2017, 18:54 7 years ago

    I really don't know what Android problems you are talking about.

    What you wrote in your last thread:

    Quit game doesn't work and go to black screen 

    This has never worked and will never work. The user closes application via the home button.

    Don't show screen shots in save games .

    Android screenshots don't work, you need to use the thumbnail per scene / game system, as someone pointed out in the thread. Any other things ?

    Android is fully working.

    As long there are bugs in Vis 5 I will not call it final. Also iOS porting is not yet done, because I want an integrated working system, and this will require a Mac. I don't have a request of someone for a timely release, so I thought it didn't matter as much, and since I always run to the fire and the screaming...

    So let me know about other Android bugs and I will try to get the iOS export up on the schedule.

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  • #3, by darren-beckettWednesday, 28. June 2017, 21:24 7 years ago
    1) libcurl - downloadMemory does not work on Android.

    2) Exiting the application should kill itself, because trying to resume after quit crashes the player

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