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  • #1, by tristan-kangFriday, 29. May 2015, 17:01 9 years ago
    I recently bought INDIE SINGLE USER license. But if I suddenly decided to assemble one graphic designer for my work, then I should buy INDIE MULTI USER license, right?

    Just paid 49 Euro and now I should pay 99 Euro in order to buy different license... I hope upgrading License (from Single to Multi) is possible. Then I only need to pay 50 Euro for upgrade. Otherwise I'll just abandon the opportunity to hire graphic designer and walk away...

    By the way, this Visionaire Studio is really handy and useful. It's great I bought this game engine. Hope all of you have a fortune within your project!

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  • #2, by afrlmeFriday, 29. May 2015, 17:27 9 years ago
    The licenses are to do with the development team. i.e: the people that will be putting the game together in the editor. If it's just the one person that is working in / with the editor then you only need a single license. If there are multiple people working with the editor & you are working from the same location then I would recommend the multi-license else if there are multiple people working with the editor at different locations then it might be better if each individual bought their own licenses.

    Not really sure what else to say about the matter, other than: If your graphic designer is just working on the artwork & has nothing to do with development side of things, then you should be fine with the single license.


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  • #3, by tristan-kangFriday, 29. May 2015, 17:35 9 years ago
    Thank you for quick reply, AFRLme.

    Then I guess I can stick to Single License and just ordering works outside. (e.g. Ordering title music to Indie musicians or ordering some graphic artworks to drifting illustrators)

    Visionaire Studio is not known to my country (I'm Korean) and it seems like only me handling this engine. If only me is the editor, then I shouldn't be worry about myself when it's time to publish the game.

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